What You Can Expect

Welcome!  Thank you for taking the time to check out my new page.  This page has been

in the making for quite some time.  I’ve been creating some great articles for anyone interested in what we will be bringing, which will be A LOT.  I enjoy sharing information that could benefit others.  I also enjoy writing.  I figured with the writing and my knowledge in certain areas, hopefully we can benefit some folks out there.   I know I’ve come back with many things I did not know, and the information was a great help.

It is said that you should stick to one “niche” at a time. I would agree in most cases, however, the subject matter I plan on putting up all deals with us as people and our inner selves.  I, at one time, created a blog that turned into a great advise type column.  It was a lot of fun as many people were able to ask opinions, being anonymous, and they received some very great advise.   In addition, there will be information pertaining to our professional side, making money, making money online, beauty tips and tutorials, you name it.  The sky is the limit on what we will be posting.  Updates will be monthly by the first day of the month.

I hope you will check back with our page and visit often.  If there is a subject matter you’d like to see more information on, please fill out the “contact us” form and your question will be answered anonymously, if you like.

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