What We Can Do To Live Our Lives and Do What We Want To Do

Living with anxiety or depression can be pretty debilitating.  I know people who have trouble leaving their house!  Me being one of them, not daily, but enough.  I am very sensitive to the discussion of anxiety and depression.  I would guess most of us are when we have those people who think we should just “suck it up” or just “get over it”,  the whole world has anxiety.  Those comments really make my blood boil.  Even from Doctors.   I truly believe that unless one has experienced and lived with a severe form of anxiety and panic attacks, they have no idea what it is really like to go through one of these panic attacks.

I truly admire and have the utmost respect for doctors, however, as I stated above, unless they’ve been through it themselves,  I don’t believe any amount of reading, talking to people, or whatever, they just wont understand what a panic attack really is and how it affects us.

I don’t have any answers, of course.  Or I’d be pretty famous now.   I wanted to write this because throughout the years, I’ve met many others who also suffer with these mental health issues, and I got a little information from each year that has gone by.   I wanted to share some things with you because I know we all go through many similar things in life and the more information and suggestions, the better.  Some of the things I’ve learned really helped me through tough times.   I’m not going to sugar coat what I will write.  I’m going to just say things straight out as this is not about sounding professional, although that’s ok too, but I’m writing this to hopefully get even one person to improve what they feel!


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