How I Learned to Deal With My Mental Health Issues

It is Possible to Live with Whatever Issue is Interfering with Your Life

Living with depression, anxiety,  Panic disorer, bipolar disorder, whatever it may be can really be debilitating to ones life.  I am sharing my story because I realized how many people out there are suffering with some form of mental health but may not know what is happening, they could be scared to tell anyone what’s going on with them, they don’t know what to do.   That was me!  Many years ago.   Honestly, I’ve been suffering with anxiety and panic disorder since I can remember.  Meaning I started having this as a little girl.   Of course it worsened as I got older, however I was always feeling a bit more anxious than the others, or so I thought.  Who knows, there could of been others feeling this way, but I told nobody!

I still have not found a doctor to really help me.   Every one of them would suggest antidepressants because they have proved to help with anxiety.  I realize that anti-anxiety medications are really not good for our brains.  My doctors all said these types of medications put our brains in a state of dimentia and it is not reversible.  I am now 52 years old and I’ve been dealing with this my whole life!  I really started feeling hopeless, like I should just deal with it because I will not get any help from these doctors.   I don’t really know what I wanted from them, it wasn’t a specific medication, I just wanted some sort of advice that made sense.  I couldn’t finish college, I have student loans totaling $65,000 and I have NO degree!  I had to keep dropping classes because once I have a panic attack, I will never go to that place again.  

I started to not have interest in my appearance.  This is something I’ve always kept up with and cared about.  I, like anyone else, cared how I looked.  Not for anyone else,  for myself.   The first thing I did, as much as I didn’t have the energy or desire to do this, I started putting my make-up on again.  I started to take care off my skin again, something I’ve done since I was 20 years old.   I started doing my hair again, which isn’t much of anything, but I took care of it.  


Published by miaspage4you

I am hoping that once I share a lot of information, some of you out there who I picture living their lives pretty close to the way I did mine. What I am specifically referring to is those of you out there who suffer from anxiety/panic disorders and /or depression. I’ve had many years with both of these issues and it wasn’t until just recently that it all just came to me...I will get More into that in a bit. I’m working on sharing some really cool things that actually helped take care of two problems, I gained a lot of lost confidence by putting my mind towards something that will Benefit me in many ways. I decided to create an online business. Something I’ve been trying to get involved in for many years but just couldn’t seem to do it. After writing about my struggles with depression and anxiety, I also came across a number of Great sites that gave me the idea to put myself into a project that will help me feel as if I’m doing something that may help even a few people, and at the same time, it is helping with my mental health symptoms! This site will have a bit of something for everyone. I hope you will stop by and check it out from now on.

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