Tips On Dealing With Anxiety and Depression

I would first suggest you find a mental health specialist/psychiatrist that you can work with, if you aren’t already working with one. Sometimes a medication may help a bit, but it’s best to realize that medication is not always the answer. I’ve been dealing with this for about 40 years, and I still am a anxious wreck. These days the doctors don’t want to give out anti-anxiety medication, exactly what they’re made for, but they’ll try every other thing that makes no sense for anxiety. I am in no way questioning medical doctors, it’s just a personal anger I have because I am now at the age where I don’t care about having an addiction to a medication that will really help. I say that because my whole life has been spent trying to get away from this anxiety. As a result, I became clinically depressed. I could not get out of bed or find interest in anything for months and months. So now 3 doctors and 3 therapists later, I have a better doctor now than ever before but I’m still suffering. Not quite as bad, but its still there.  

I know that if I didn’t have such anxiety my whole life, I would of been able to accomplish much more.  So getting a good doctor that will work with you and your personal needs is #1.   First make sure you feel comfortable with this doctor.  You will most likely see a psychiatrist.  Don’t feel that you are obligated to the first doctor you meet.  I know making a number of appointments is a pain and you may have to find time you can set aside an hour or so.   Finding a doctor you feel comfortable with is your #1 task.

So basically, I’m suggesting that you go seek help if you are struggling. It’s a really uncomfortable condition (s) to live with.  There will be more to come.  I am writing down the things I found to be helpful.

Feel free to submit any questions with the contact form. Your information will remain in strictest confidence. This is too important of a subject.

Thanks for reading!

Mia M.


Published by miaspage4you

I am hoping that once I share a lot of information, some of you out there who I picture living their lives pretty close to the way I did mine. What I am specifically referring to is those of you out there who suffer from anxiety/panic disorders and /or depression. I’ve had many years with both of these issues and it wasn’t until just recently that it all just came to me...I will get More into that in a bit. I’m working on sharing some really cool things that actually helped take care of two problems, I gained a lot of lost confidence by putting my mind towards something that will Benefit me in many ways. I decided to create an online business. Something I’ve been trying to get involved in for many years but just couldn’t seem to do it. After writing about my struggles with depression and anxiety, I also came across a number of Great sites that gave me the idea to put myself into a project that will help me feel as if I’m doing something that may help even a few people, and at the same time, it is helping with my mental health symptoms! This site will have a bit of something for everyone. I hope you will stop by and check it out from now on.

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