Thank you for taking your time to take a look at my very first post! Well, not my first but on this page, it is.

I believe this will really be a page worth checking out. It will be an interactive page where questions can be send and you will get a number of replies from others who are dealing with similar issues. I didn’t have these great places to go to to look things up or talk with others. So most of my life was spent in a bad way. I suffered from a serious case of depression, not knowing for years what this was. I also suffered severe anxiety and panic attacks. This started for me way back when I was a preteen!! I had to wait a number of years just feeling terrible and not having an idea what any of it was but I was pretty scared and my anxiety level climbed high and panic attacks were worse and often. I tried many different anti depressants as my psychiatrist wanted me to try the less harmful of meds for severe anxiety. He said that a number of antidepressants actually showed they worked for those who suffer from anxiety. None of these worked for me. Of course the medications for anxiety did work And they worked very well. However, they had the worst side effects, after I researched the disorder and the medications. The worst side effect was what it did to the brain. It did quite a job on our brains, specifically memory. He said the meds could put your brain in a state of dementia and it is not reversible.

Right now, I still suffer with all of my mental health issues, although it is a bit better than when I started seeking help. Not much , but better.

I thought of sharing my story, especially to the younger generation because I know they also suffer but probably not knowing what it may be, or just feel embarrassed. But I did have differences in diagnosis, new medications, etc. I want to give anyone the opportunity to ask questions that you may not have wanted to ask before or you don’t want people knowing it’s you and you’re business. So create a great name foe your ID!

I will be posting a lot of information on this site that will include beauty, tips on the products out there and what actually works and what doesn’t. I’ve tried them all and I’ve taken notes from others and their experiences.


Published by miaspage4you

I am hoping that once I share a lot of information, some of you out there who I picture living their lives pretty close to the way I did mine. What I am specifically referring to is those of you out there who suffer from anxiety/panic disorders and /or depression. I’ve had many years with both of these issues and it wasn’t until just recently that it all just came to me...I will get More into that in a bit. I’m working on sharing some really cool things that actually helped take care of two problems, I gained a lot of lost confidence by putting my mind towards something that will Benefit me in many ways. I decided to create an online business. Something I’ve been trying to get involved in for many years but just couldn’t seem to do it. After writing about my struggles with depression and anxiety, I also came across a number of Great sites that gave me the idea to put myself into a project that will help me feel as if I’m doing something that may help even a few people, and at the same time, it is helping with my mental health symptoms! This site will have a bit of something for everyone. I hope you will stop by and check it out from now on.

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